Are you not frustrated by the fact that almost everything we use nowdays is made to be broken within certain period of time?

We care very much – that’s why when creating the DURABO brand, we took care of every detail of our product. We have developed and used highest quality fabrics and additions, manufactured in Europe by renowned European producers. The clothes themselves are also sewn in the heart of Europe, the beautiful Gothic city of Toruń.

DURABO has over 35 years of experience in clothing design. It is a passion for creating functional solutions in everyday use.

DURABO is a promise of quality and durability for years.

As the DURABO Team, we made an important decision not to produce reinforced clothing only in critical places, but to provide something reliable on the entire surface of the product. After all, each of us uses the product completely differently. One person’s pants will tear at the knee, another will tear at the crotch, and the third will tear at the waist. So why would we reinforce outdoor pants or tactical pants only at the knees?

And this is where the irreplaceable CORDURA® comes to the rescue.

CORDURA® is the trade name of fabrics characterized by high resistance to abrasion. So far, this material has been used to produce uniforms and combat suits, hiking, expedition and bicycle backpacks, as well as shoes and clothes for motorcyclists. What prevented its reliability from becoming an everyday reality for each of us?

The use of CORDURA® material is a promise of reliability.


The above SCANDIC X outdoor pants were tested at one of the Polish shooting competitions. In the left photo you see SCANDIC X Wolf Gray pants right after the competition and on the right side, the same pants after the first wash and, as you can see, they came out completely unscathed. And we have many more such examples.

Regardless of the purpose, SCANDIC X outdoor pants or EDC X tactical pants will find their purpose in any environment. You may be a person who actively spends time in the mountains or is actively involved in the shooting community, and each of these pairs of pants will work perfectly.

Are you an active officer who needs airy and durable tactical pants?

Cordura on the entire surface of the pants, multifunctional pockets: for a phone with direct access even in a sitting position, closed pockets for the most valuable items, e.g. wallet, special holes for knee pads and many others.

Or maybe you are an active person who simply looks for pants for everyday use?

CORDURA on the entire surface of the pants, multifunctional pockets on the front of the thighs with direct access to the most valuable items, closed pockets for the most valuable items, e.g. keys, special holes for internal knee pads, which will be useful in the mountains as protection when kneeling.

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