Biothane Belt with automatic buckle


The BioThane® belt is an innovative solution that will be appreciated by anyone who has encountered the problem of a breaking leather belt. Every leather belt, even the best one, loses its functional and visual properties over time.

BioThane® waterproof tape is characterized by much higher durability and resistance to dirt and water.

Its structure has been patented by the American company BioThane®, thanks to which it provides a coherent and non-separating surface.

Unlike natural leather, it does not require special care. The surface of the belt is waterproof, so it does not absorb water. If it gets dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth. The material is very pleasant to the touch, even in appearance and structure it resembles natural leather, and thanks to its elasticity it perfectly adapts to the waist circumference.

The DURABO automatic buckle is the perfect solution for this set. Thanks to the internal lock in the buckle, the belt automatically locks, so you can easily adjust the fastening to your waist circumference. You can also release this lock at any time with one move.

This kit is for self-assembly. You receive the buckle and strap in separate boxes with instructions on how to cut the belt to your circumference. The length of the belt is adjusted to a maximum waist circumference of 115 cm, which you can shorten as desired.

As you have probably noticed, the box in which the belt or buckle is packed is an ideal gift solution.

Weight N/A

Black – Biothane, Brown – Biothane, Grey – Biothane, Olive – Biothane


  • Original BioThane® material
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Coherent and non-separating surface
  • Much higher durability and resistance to dirt and water
  • Does not require special care
  • It looks like natural leather
  • Maximum length 140 cm, can be shortened according to the instructions


  • silver automatic buckle
  • self-tightening lock on the belt
  • releasing the belt lock in one move


  • Inside: Polyester
  • Outside: PVC coating


  • 100% Zinc Alloy


  • Before first use, the edge of a belt cut in a semi-circle should be washed under running water to remove dirt on the cutted edge

Payment methods available:

  1. Traditional transfer to the DURABO® account
  2. Electronic (card payments via Cinkciarz, Przelewy24, mobile payments, etc.).

Available shipping methods:

  1. DPD courier

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marcin Świtała

Pasek Biothane z klamrą automatyczną

Arkadiusz Kurek

Klamra musiała się ułożyć. Na początku pasek miał tendencję do luzowania zacisku przy pochylaniu się. Po tygodniu użytkowania wszystko trzyma jak powinno. Polecam.

Wygląda na wytrzymały

Dobrze znosi wpinanie i wypinanie klipsów. Jak na razie nie widać śladów zużycia. Zobaczymy jak długo mechanizm trzymający pasek po zapięciu wytrzyma. Wygląda solidnie.


Bardzo ładnie się prezentuje iwyglada naprawdę solidnie mam nadzieje ze taki właśnie będzie i będzie służył, robi wrażenie!

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